Somershire Hamster Rescue - Company Message

Somershire Hamster Rescue
Wendy Barry
01373 300766
(please note, we do NOT breed or sell hamsters, we only do rescue)

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Rescue or Organisation 
Contact info
What they do
 Mickel Marsh Mouse House
Rescues & re-homes all species of pet mice 
 Boarding bunnies at home/The littlest rescue
Rabbit & guinea pig rescue & boarding. 
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue

(Westbury, Wiltshire)
Has neutered & vaccinated rabbits for adoption. 
Specialises in match-ups for lonely bunnies.
Excellent website on rabbit & guinea pig care
Southern Hamster Club

Provides info & membership to the general public.
Holds shows & events.
Produces hamster care leaflets.
Bath Cats & Dogs Home
Re-homes not just cats & dogs, but rabbits, rats, gerbils, hamsters, mice etc too.
 Guinea Pig Rehome
Lists guinea pigs looking for homes 
Many Tears Animal Rescue 
Rescue & re-homes cats & dogs 
Rabbit Welfare Association
The RWA aims to improve the quality of life of pet rabbits in the UK.
They have an excellent website shop where you can purchase toys, food & treats for your rabbit, along with educational items & gifts for rabbit lovers.
Make mine chocolate
Campaigns against the impulse buying of rabbits, that may then become neglected  
GBH Rescue
Beckenham, Kent 
rescues & re-homes rabbits & rodents 
 National Fancy Rat Society
 National Gerbil Society
 Fancy Rats
A website & forum on rat care.
Also info on rats for 
Happy Landings Rescue Centre
(Shepton Mallet) 
Rescue centre.
Re-homes cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets & guinea pigs

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