"Giving a second chance to a second hand hamster" - Company Message

Why I started a Hamster Sanctuary

Having been a  visitor to Bath Cats & Dogs Home since the 1970's I was aware  of cats & dogs needing rescue & re-homing, but didn't realize just how big the problem of unwanted small animals was.
 In the late 1990's I started to become aware just how many hamsters and other small animals were in need of rescue and re-homing each year, and I decided that I needed to do something to help, so in 1999 Somershire Hamster Rescue was founded. Although we are predominately a hamster sanctuary,  we do from time to time, where space allows, take in Guinea Pigs, Rats, Gerbils, Mice, exotic rodents, and even the occasional wildlife.
Many 1000's of hamsters come into rescue centers throughout the UK each year. But its not just hamsters:-  Its estimated that over 67,000 rabbits come into rescue each year, plus the tens of thousands of rats, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs etc then you realize this is a massive problem we have in the UK.

Why Hamsters come into Rescue

Hamsters come into rescue for a variety of reasons, including:- 

1) Purchased on impulse, then unwanted by owner. 

2) Purchased for children, who then become bored of them.

3) Accident litters:- Sadly not all pet stores can sex animals correctly. A purchaser buys, what the pet store says is two “male” Dwarf Hamsters, and the owner then finds that one of the “males” gives birth! The resulting babies then come into rescue for re-homing.

4)They can come into rescue for sad genuine reasons too, for example,  the death of their owner.

If someone really doesn't want to keep their hamster any longer please  hand them into a rescue centre. 
Please DO NOT  dump them or release them into the wild! Sadly this DOES happen, and these animals almost certainly won't survive.

Somershire Hamster Rescue often have stands at local events to raise awareness of hamster care

About me

I set up Somershire Hamster Rescue in 1999.
I  volunteered for Bath Cats & Dogs Home for around 16 years.
I  also volunteer for other local rescue centres.
I have owned around 500 hamsters of my own over the years.
(I have also had Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Gerbils, Rats, Finches etc as pets too)

I have a NPTC Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare.
I have a City & Guilds Level 3 in Animal Management, Grade:- Distinction

I am Secretary of the Southern Hamster Club.
I am a member of:- The Rabbit Welfare Association
Friends of Bath Cats & Dogs Home,
National Gerbil Society
National Fancy Rat Society
Midland Hamster Club
Southern Cavy (Guinea Pig) Club. 
Wendy Barry

Wendy giving a talk on hamster care at the London Pet Show at Earls Court, May 2013

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